A Decentralized & Unique way to Earn

Running on BSC Token REFLECTION earning with very intelligent coding, makes KittyShiba much powerful.

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KittyShiba Cash Back

KittyShiba team want to boost community activity & increase Holder's. To accelerate our goal, we will commit many events. Cash Back is one of them.

Duration: 18th November - 4th December, 2021

Distribution: Starts from 6th December, 2021. After filtering users BUY amount balance.

To be eligible for 20% #CASHBACK, you have to follow some TERMS & CONDITIONS. All the details are written on #GoogleForm.

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What is Kitty Shiba [ KSHIBA ] token?

Kitty Shiba using an unique & intelligent way of earning. KSHIBA its native token name. KSHIBA works fully self-sustainable, simple financial model. Its self sustain mechanism automatically increase userbase or so called holders. If anyone hold some amounts to #KSHIBA on their account, they will se their token numbers are increasing. KSHIBA does not mint any new token.

Now question raises, how KSHIIBA numbers increasing? Answer is simple, when every trade occurs, transaction occurs, a fee is auto cutoff from makers-takers accounts. Physically token does not need to transfer, which saves huge gas cost. Only numbers are facts here. Never increase total supply.

Some Important Facts about KSHIBA

KSHIBA has 4 kinds of tax

Buy Tax Fee is 1%
Buy Liquidity Fee is 3%
Buy Marketing Fee is 2%
Buy Buyback Fee is 2%

Total Tax : 8%

Sell Tax Fee is 3%
Sell Liquidity Fee is 4%
Sell Marketing Fee is 3%
Sell Buyback Fee is 2%

Total Tax : 12%

These wonderful fees model benefited all holders. Marketing fees developers team to do such marketing regular basis. Buyback fee also awesome mechanism. Its reduce KSHIBA falling.

KittyShiba is auto MarketMaking enabled. KSHIBA has an unique "antiGas" protector, which protects liquidity pool (LP) from snipers / bot contract. By Anti-Gas mechanism liquidity is safe from "Draining Liquidity". We are very concern about your money.

KittyShiba [ KSHIBA ] Mega 5 Trillion Giveaway

How to join explained below:

faucet step 1

1. Click image, it will bring to you faucet contract. First, check your metask/supported wallet connected to bscscan. Then click connect.

faucet step 2

2. If your wallet connected properly, it shows your address like image.

faucet step 3

3. Now go to "getTokens" section. It is section no 5 (five).

faucet step 4

4. On input box type exact "200000000000000000000000000" or COPY from here. 18 zero after 200m. Finally click "write" & sign by your wallet. Congratulations!!!

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KSHIBA Features in Brief

No gas fees No gas fees to deliver reflactor value

Instant Instant users can see their numbers change

Anti-bot Anti-bot, spiders, snipers

Cross Margining Multiple types fees prevents from losses

Secure & Private Secure & Decentralize

User Friendly "ZERO" Tax on normal transaction

Full ERC/BEP721 features supported Fully secured tokenomics protection system

Liquidity Incubation Vault Liquidity Locked 12 months


KittyShiba | A Decentralized & Unique way to Earn

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